Best Workout Supplements for Women

Best Workout Supplements for Women

The ultimate girls-only guide to the world of supplements

Whether you’re aiming to burn extra fat and gain lean muscle weight, or simply dropping a few pounds, the best workout supplements for women may give you that edge you’ve been looking for all along.



Blackwolf Trail


Transparent Labs - ProSeries LEAN


HIT Supplements - Igniter Extreme


4 Gauge


While an intensive training regime is the best way to reach your body goals, your nutritional program will account for roughly 80% of the results you’ll see.

Somewhere between the blurred lines of nutrition and your workout routine lays the hidden gem we call supplements.

This post has been put together in order to help women better understand what supplements will help them gain lean muscle mass, accelerate their fat loss process, and improve their overall health status.

Why Women Need Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements might seem like an intriguing deal, but only if you don’t understand the way in which they work or the benefits that they might be able to bring to the table. A good pre-workout supplement can help you shift your ass off the couch on those days you just don’t feel like hitting the gym.

What Exactly a Pre-Workout Supplement Does

Before you start taking a pre-workout supplement, you need to understand the benefits of taking these products. Here are a few different ways in which these supplements may help improve your workout:

More Focus - Since they contain ingredients that up your mental focus, pre-workouts will help you power through your workout more efficiently without the risk of leaving you daydreaming in the weights corner of the gym.

Extra Energy - Pre-workout supplements increase your energy levels so that you’re able to complete more sets with more reps without tiring out too quickly.

Increases Strength - Pre-workouts contain a list of ingredients which may boost your physical power and strength levels so that you can power through your workouts, but we’ll get to these ingredients next.

How to Find the Best Workout Supplements for Women

The world of supplements is ginormous, and it’s not hard to see why every other supplement brand out there tries to be better than its competitor. But beyond the inflated claims that some brands make about their pre-workouts, the devil lies in the details, details that can only be found in the list of ingredients of the product in mind.

If you’re considering purchasing a pre-workout, make sure that it contains some (if not all) of these safe and effective ingredients:

Citrulline Malate: Almost all pre-workout supplements feature this ingredient since it may have the ability to up your endurance and strength levels during a workout. Furthermore, Citrulline Malate may also be able to cut down on recovery times after workouts since it targets and relieves muscle soreness.

Beta Alanine: You’ve probably heard about Beta Alanine before because it’s such a common pre-workout supplement ingredient. This ingredient is mainly used in supplements because it may be able to help ward off or slow down muscle fatigue.

Taurine: Most energy drinks are crammed full or taurine, and it’s also the case with pre-workout supplements that contain Beta Alanine, it’s a mandatory ingredient. Taurine reacts with Beta Alanine in order to avoid the risk of women suffering taurine deficiencies.

Creatine: Most of us are well aware of the energizing potency that Creatine delivers. This ingredient has a range of benefits but also has quite a few drawbacks. Make sure you’re not sensitive to Creatine before you start using a product that contains this ingredient.

Betaine Anhydrous: This ingredient, which is very commonly used in pre-workout supplements, may be able to boost your muscle growth rate. Furthermore, Betaine Anhydrous may delay muscle fatigue, increase HGH levels, and decrease cortisol levels.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Unless you’re going the stimulant-free route, you’re going to have to use a product that contains caffeine. This ingredient may boost energy levels and may also help boost your performance. Furthermore, caffeine is also linked with boosted endurance levels and lower perceived muscle comfort during weight training sessions.

L-Theanine: L-Theanine is a good ingredient to have in a pre-workout supplement since it may be able to improve your mood and attention levels, plus it may also be able to help reduce your stress levels.

Ingredients You DON’T Want in Female Workout Supplements

The list of “things” you don’t want to see on the back of any supplement bottle is an ingredient list containing proprietary blends. These ‘blends’ are cocktails, containing a mix of various supplements, but nobody can be sure about what exactly goes into that ‘special blend’.

This results in women not knowing exactly how much of which supplement they’re consuming, leaving them with nothing but hopes and dreams when it comes to their desired results.

Ingredients Which May Increase the Effectiveness Supplements

Aside from the big players such as caffeine and Creatine which we discussed earlier, there are a few other ingredients that may pay an important role in just how effective your pre-workout supplement is. Here are the other ingredients you may look for in the best female workout supplement:

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of milk’s two proteins, and it’s mostly taken because it improves digestive functions. Aside from assisting with the breakdown of proteins within the body, Whey also contains peptides, which may be able to boost the blood flow to your muscles, effectively increasing the amount of oxygen that muscles have access to when they need it most.

N.O. Boosters

N.O. Boosters are compounds that may help increase the amount of nitric oxide in your bloodstream. This, in turn, may help boost your energy levels because your muscles are receiving more amino acids and glucose. By taking this supplement, you’ll be able to go longer and harder, plus you’ll also recover faster after a workout.

Fish Oils

Fish oils contain omega-3 fatty acids as well as EPA and DHA. These compounds may help boost your overall health, but it may also be able to stimulate the body’s fat burning abilities.

Casein Protein

Milk has 2 proteins, one being Whey, and the other being Casein. Casein isn’t like Whey, it takes forever to digest, but that’s good because it supplies your body with a steady stream of amino acids as it digests. This, in turn, may help you build lean muscle mass if that’s your aim.


The BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are the three amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, and valine) which work together to help you build a better physique. By taking BCAAs, you may be able to train longer than before because these compounds can be burned as energy and may also help ward off fatigue.

Best Workout Supplements for Women

Now that you understand what exactly workout supplements may be able to do for you and your body, it’s about time that we showed you what some of the best products out there look like. We’ve rounded up the top market contenders for female workout supplements, and we gave them a good run for their money. Here’s what we made of them…

Blackwolf Trail

Blackwolf Trail is a pre-workout supplement which was designed with women in mind. This high-performance supplement contains 20mg of Whey protein and contains a lot of BCAAs, but it also boasts Creatine as an ingredient, which is perfect for women looking for an energy boosting supplement that’ll help them tone and tighten their bodies. Other ingredients of Blackwolf Trail that sparked our interest include Beta Alanine, L-Valine, and L-Taurine, all of which aid the metabolic rate as well as energy levels.

Blackwolf Trail


  • Made specifically for women
  • Contains great ingredients such as BCAAs and Creatine
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases mental focus and energy levels


  • It’s expensive
  • Can only be purchased on Blackwolf Workout’s website

Transparent Labs - ProSeries LEAN

Transparent Labs is a company well known for their amazing supplements and the fact that they’re totally honest about all the ingredients that go into their products. ProSeries LEAN is an amazing product from the brand, and it was made with weight loss and toning in mind. With the great ingredients, LEAN may help women burn more fat, but it also supports thyroid functions. By taking ProSeries LEAN, women can look forward to delayed fatigue, improved strength, boosted aerobic performance and better muscle endurance.

Transparent Labs - ProSeries LEAN


  • Also available in a stimulant-free version for women who are sensitive to stimulants
  • Contains a 6g Citrulline Malate dosage
  • Contains no unhealthy additives, filler, dyes, or artificial sweeteners
  • Boasts great ingredients such as Taurine, Beta Alanine, BCAAs, Betaine, and Choline


  • This product can only be purchased on the Transparent Labs website

HIT Supplements - Igniter Extreme

Igniter Extreme, another great female workout supplement, comes in as our 3rd best pick in this roundup. With Creatine as a star ingredient, Igniter Extreme provides women with the power and energy they need to push through their workouts. It also contains BCAAs, which boosts nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream, and along with the Beta Alanine and caffeine content, Igniter Extreme may help ward off fatigue and rev up energy levels. This pre-workout shake has a great taste, but we only wish it didn’t contain a proprietary blend as part of its ingredient list.

HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme


  • Boasts Creatine for muscle building
  • Made with women in mind
  • Great taste
  • With Beta Alanine, Igniter Extreme may help you train longer and harder


  • Uses a proprietary blend of ingredients

4 Gauge

4 Gauge comes in as our final pick for this roundup, mostly because it’s a pre-workout supplement that’s unisex, and even though it’s not specifically targeted at women, it’s still a great supplement! This supplement provides you with strength thanks to the Creatine, and as far as energy boosts go, you’ll be able to thank the caffeine content in 4 Gauge. Other great ingredients in this workout supplement include L-Theanine and Rhodiola Rosea, which may increase mental focus and relieve stress. One of the main reasons we love 4 Gauge is because it is comprised of natural ingredients and no proprietary blends. It’s a great product for women looking for a source of extra strength and endurance, but it’s equally as effective in boosting your mood and focus.

4 Gauge


  • Includes Citrulline Malate as well as 1000mg of Creatine
  • For focus it contains L-Theanine
  • Doesn’t contain too much caffeine so it won’t drive you over the edge
  • Contains all natural ingredients and no proprietary blends


  • 4 Gauge cannot be purchased in stores, sales can only be made via the 4 Gauge website

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that you understand just how important it can be for women to find the best workout supplement on the market. We’ve shown you what you need to look for in workout supplements, and we’ve also told you what to avoid. We’ve provided you with reviews on 4 of the best pre-workout supplements for women currently available on the market, and we’ve also told you why we love them so much.

If we had to single out one of our top picks as a winner it would have to be the Blackwolf Trail. This supplement is amazing for women looking to build and gain lean muscle mass. If you’re just looking to slim down and tone, on the other hand, we’d recommend using something like ProSeries LEAN.

Remember that even though you might have invested in the best female workout supplement out there, the work is still up to you. These supplements won’t come to play and benefit your body if you’re not in the right frame of mind. It’s time to get off your buttocks and hit the gym, heck you can even head outdoors and start building your own home workout, as long as you’re moving! Armed with the information we’ve provided you with in this post, and of course, the great supplements we recommended, you’ll be well on your way towards building the body of your dreams!

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