The Curse Pre Workout Review

The Curse Pre Workout Review

For years, it was a struggle to get to the gym and I had to fight my way through a long workout. When my alarm went off at five am all I wanted to do was press snooze. If I did make it to the gym my mind was blurry, unfocused, and I could feel my workouts suffering because of it. When my trainer told me about pre workout supplements I had to give them a shot. The Curse Pre Workout supplement really helped add the kick I needed to meet my weightlifting goals.




The Curse Pre Workout


Yeah Buddy Pre Workout Supplement


Vintage Blast


Legion Pulse Pre Workout


Pre Workout Supplement

If you lift at all, you know how vital your fuel is. Without the proper preparation, your lifting session can quickly unravel and you’ll be wasting your time instead of pumping some serious iron. Most lifters have their go-to post workout protein shake, but not everyone knows the benefits of a quality pre workout supplement. Pre work supplements are designed to give you the added edge you need.

A good pre workout supplement will:

  • Give you insane energy to get going
  • Help sustain you through your entire workout by giving you more stamina and endurance
  • Fill in some nutritional gaps for those who need it

With the right pre workout drink you could engage your mind in a way that serves your physical goals. Pre workout supplements are sometimes called a ‘mind-body workout’ because they help prepare your mind for the strenuous activity of your body. If you need help feeling energized and focused, then a pre workout supplement might be the answer. If you want to lift harder, faster, longer, and recover quicker, then a pre workout supplement can help you.

The Curse Pre Workout Review

Cobra Labs makes The Curse pre workout supplement, which is one of the leading supplements of its type on the market. The Curse promises 50 servings from a 250g tub. There are The Curse ingredients:

the curse

Beta-alanine: This is a popular amino acid that is connected to performance enhancement.

Creatine Monohydrate: This scientifically proven substance helps build strength and muscle.

L-Citrulline: Many workout supplements contain this because it is known to increase endurance.

● L-Arginine AKG: This will increase your production of nitric oxide which leads to increased blood flow and more energy.

● Caffeine Anhydrous: Every good pre workout supplement needs caffeine to give you the energy you need for a big workout.

The Curse promises intense energy, laser-like focus and animal-like endurance. Without filler ingredients, The Curse promises a sugar-free, calorie-free drink to kickstart your workout.


  • Good value: you get a lot for what you’re paying
  • Minimalistic ingredients profile
  • Minimal side-effects


  • Not enough energy for some
  • Build a resistance quickly (generally within three weeks)
  • Nausea if you overdose to compensate for resistance

The Curse Energy Boost

The Curse doesn’t have a ton of unnatural and unstudied substances mixed in that might give you a temporary kick, but will leave you riddled with negative side effects. The main source of energy in The Curse formula is caffeine. For some weight lifters, that won’t be enough. But if you’re looking for a safe, simple and reliable boost of energy before a workout then the caffeine in The Curse will do the job. Studies have showed that athletes perform better with a reasonable amount of caffeine in their system. With just one or two scoops of The Curse, you’ll be ready to rip through the gym in just 30 minutes!

The Curse Mental Focus

The Curse pre workout will help you get your body and your mind ready for a hard workout. The simple and measured balance of energy boosters and focus enhancers will help you on your way to PRs all across the gym. A lot of pre workout supplements focus too much of their formula to simple and temporary kicks of energy. This is great for getting you to the gym, but what happens when you’re there? The Curse helps offer the stamina and mental focus required of serious bodybuilding.

The Curse Pump

The Curse has ingredients tailored to get you to the gym, help you focus in the gym, and help you increase your muscle pump with every lift. With added pump in your workout you’ll be able to lift more and increase your muscle strength substantially. The Curse will also help your muscles recover from all of that added pump. The L-Citrulline and the L-Arginine AKG in The Curse formula increase blood flow which helps to remove waste from your muscles and blood stream much more efficiently. This means you’ll be less sore and you’ll be able to recover faster so you can hit the gym harder.

Alternative Workout Options

Yeah Buddy Pre Workout Supplement

is the creation of famous body builder Ronnie Coleman. The Yeah Buddy pre workout supplement offers more caffeine and more initial kick than most pre workout supplements. If you’re looking for even more energy to get your workout started, then Yeah Buddy might be a good option.

yeah buddy pre workout supplement

Vintage Blast

is an all natural preworkout supplement that promises that you won’t ever build a resistance. It’s vegetarian, gluten-free, and tested by a third party to ensure its quality. Its 2 stage formula is designed specifically against dependency.

Vintage Blast Pre Workout

Legion Pulse Pre Workout

is another popular supplement on the market. This mix is slightly more expensive than others, but it justifies the price by claiming to have all natural ingredients and dosages and formulas that have been tested in clinical trials. Legion doesn’t have as big of an energy boost as some other supplements, but the negative side effects are minimized by the high quality ingredients.

Legion Pulse Pre Workout

There are a lot of good quality pre workout supplements on the market, and they all promise different things. I was having trouble staying motivated, optimizing my workouts and getting myself to the gym early in the morning. The Curse was able to meet all of those needs. The caffeine kick in The Curse was just the right amount to get me going without leaving me shaky. Plus, The Curse mixes well and tastes great. There aren’t any of those gross powder clumps to ruin your pre workout drink. If you’re interested in giving your workout the extra pump and focus it needs, then check out The Curse.

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