Yeah Buddy Pre Workout Review

Yeah Buddy Pre Workout Review

If you’ve spent anytime in the gym doing any serious lifting, you’ve probably heard of Ronnie Coleman and you’ve heard someone yell his infamous tagline, “Yeah buddy!” He’s a classic and a role model for many lifters and his line of supplements are huge hits in the weight lifting community. But not all of us are pros and honestly, I sometimes need a little motivation to get myself to the gym. Ronnie Coleman’s Yeah Buddy Pre-workout has the clean, safe energy boost that can help motivate and sustain any hard core workout.

Pre Workout Supplements

If you’re doing any sort of serious lifting,you know how important your fuel is. You can eat nothing but pizza and chips and expect to build the muscle you need and feel the best you can. Many lifters use protein shakes to supplement their workouts but not everyone is taking advantage of Pre workout drinks.

Pre workout drinks are good for anyone who:

  • Needs a boost of energy to get yourself to the gym
  • Wants to optimize their workout by increasing stamina and endurance
  • Has insufficient nutrition but still needs energy (for example: a wrestler who is cutting weight so they’re restricting their diet)

You probably already have your go-to protein recovery shake, but a pre workout supplement could bridge the gap in your nutritional needs that will help you build muscle and recover faster from tough workouts. Pre workout supplements are often called a “mind-body” workout. They help ready your mind for a strenuous workout and increase your focus through the burn.

Yeah Buddy Pre Workout Review

Ronnie Coleman’s pre workout called Yeah Buddy packs a major kick that will get you off the couch and into the gym in no time. The main components in Yeah Buddy are:

  • 420mg Caffeine blend
  • No ergogenics (muscle builders)
  • Six different stimulants
  • One herbal ingredient

Yeah Buddy promises to increase your immediate energy and sustain your energy and focus through your workout. It will boost your pump and endurance. The mix is available in Electric Lemonade, Sour Berry, and Cherry Limeade. If you’re new to pre workout mixes this would be a perfect place to start. If you’re looking to mix up your old pre workout routine, then give Ronnie Coleman’s Yeah Buddy pre workout a shot.

Yeah Buddy Pre Workout


  • Higher energy boost than most pre workouts
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Mental focus for hours


  • Too sweet for some with a lingering after taste
  • Some reports of nausea or anxiety after using it
  • Hand tingling and burning is possible

Yeah Buddy Energy Boost

Yeah Buddy uses two different kinds of caffeine (as if one wasn’t enough!) The first kind of caffeine is fast hitting caffeine anhydrous and the second SR Time-Release caffeine. This combination of different caffeine types is becoming increasingly popular--for good reason. One serving of Yeah Buddy hits and jolts hard and fast. It also doesn’t fade quickly. Users have reported easily working out for two hours or more before tiring. 420mg of caffeine is a pretty high caffeine dose for most people. But the smart design of Yeah Buddy doesn’t lead to a burst of energy followed quickly by a steep crash. The time-release caffeine spreads out the caffeine affects to keep you moving and protect you from feeling too sick.

Yeah Buddy Mental Focus

Yeah Buddy uses Choline Bitartrate to exercise the “mind-muscle” and hone in your zen-like focus. Yeah Buddy will help you exercise for hours and not feel mentally drained or distracted. The Yeah Buddy formula also contains theacrine, which functions similarly to caffeine by boosting your energy and mood but you don’t form a resistance to it. For many lifters they spend 90% of their time in the gym talking or mentally recovering from a lift. With the right supplement you could reduce the amount of time wasted and just get down to it. Over half the game is mental so don’t lose that battle and sell yourself short.

pre workout

Yeah Buddy Pump

Yeah Buddy contains 2g of Carnosyn Beta Alanine, which works efficiently in the body to reduce the buildup of lactic acid. Slowing the buildup of lactic acid minimizes the burning sensation you feel during heavy lifting, which allows you to lift harder for longer periods of time. There is also 1g of L-Citrulline, which increases blood flow throughout the body. This greater blood flow helps to get rid of metabolic waste, increase fresh supplies of nutrients to your blood and produces bug pumps!

Alternative Pre Workout Options

If you don’t think Yeah Buddy is for you, try one of these pre workout alternatives.

Legion Pulse Pre Workout

Legion is one of the most popular pre workout supplements on the market. It has the energy, pump, focus, and mood benefits that all pre workout mixes brag out. This mix is slightly more expensive than others, but for good reason. Their ingredients are all natural and they dosages and formulas are backed by extensive clinical trials. People don’t generally get as big of an energy boost with Legion as you would from Yeah Buddy, but you might not have any of the negative side-effects because Legion’s ingredients are so top notch.

Legion Pulse Pre Workout

Vintage Blast

This pre workout supplement is designed with a 2 stage formula that works against dependency, so you’re less likely to develop a resistance to it. It promises to boost sustained energy and nitric oxide. It is made with all natural ingredients and flavors. It is gluten free, vegetarian, and tested by a professional third party. 

Vintage Blast Pre Workout

Alpha Gx7

Alpha Gx7 pre workout mix claims to use only the highest grade scientific ingredients and nothing else. There are no fillers! The energy boost is controlled and measurable and many people feel very focused about 20 minutes after taking it. The biggest Alpha Gx7 selling point is it’s taste. This pre workout mix actually tastes good! If you have a hard time choking down some of the less appetizing supplements then check out Alpha Gx7.

Alpha Gx7 Pre Workout

If you’re a lifter, an athlete of any kind, or you just like to work out, then you would benefit from a pre workout supplement. We all know it can be hard to wake up early and hit the gym. Many times I’ve hit a wall in my workout where I know I physically could do more, but mentally I’m fried. These roadblocks can be minimized by adding the right nutritional supplement to your routine. Whatever your fitness goals, Ronnie Coleman’s Yeah Buddy pre workout supplement can help you meet them. Invest in yourself and take your workouts to the next level.

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